— Talvin Singh, OBE
Fran & Flora gave an intimate and captivating performance to a sold-out crowd. From start to finish the audience were engaged with their presence, humour and music. It was evident the two are deeply connected to the music they perform and the unique twist on the traditional tunes was the creative interplay and relationship between Fran and Flora. We look forward to having them back again!
— Green Note, Camden
Francesca and Flora are fiercely passionate about their music and its a passion that they apparently effortlessly communicate to their audience. They transformed the apparently disinterested crowd in the club/cabaret room in which they were performing, to a tearful adoring mass of rapt listeners . They are a winning and magical admixture of instrumental excellence, captivating playing and singing ability, delectable stage presence, supremely well chosen eastern european repertoire and matchless original tunes... This a string duo bound for glory.
— Max Reinhardt, BBC Radio 3's Late Junction
Fran & Flora both share a vivacious and infectious enthusiasm for the world of music, an enthusiasm which is not wedded to any particular tradition but instead stems from a fundamental interest in human expression. This enthusiasm has taken them with open ears and hearts to many different parts of the world as performers and students in order to deepen their understanding of music and their relationship to it. They have studied with folk playing masters of many regions from Transylvania through to Greece, soaking up as much as they can before returning to London to digest it into their own unique and constantly evolving playing style. Together they make music which is nothing short of magical, borne of true friendship, shared experience, mutual trust, and a willingness to surrender in performance through listening
— Sam Beste, Hejira & Lima Limo Record
Dazzling virtuosity combined with an expertly informed knowledge of Eastern European folk traditions come together effortlessly in this joyous partnership between violinist Flora Curzon and cellist Francesca Ter-Berg
— Darkly Artful
The evening of eclectic performance ended with the spectacular duo, Fran & Flora. Fran on cello had a deep, vibrant sound, often accompanying the simply gorgeous tone of Flora’s fiddle, and sometimes taking the melody herself. They played a mixture of Jewish, Romanian and Moldovian songs, but really surprised us when they put their instruments down to sing a Romani song in harmony. They played beautifully together: we would have happily listened to them for an hour instead of 20 minutes. They had everyone enthralled. They play so well as a duo, and have a charming performance style to boot. As soloists and as a duo, Fran & Flora are musicians to follow.
— Maya Levy, from Open Arts Café on November 24th 'In Actual Fact'